Catch on Hailey and the funky DJs in the club and enjoy a good music and relax while you savor in a delicious wine or a strong beer. Get a chance also to have fun with your friends in the club and sing along with Hailey’s good music and our DJs tempting music. Do not worry about the ages for the gigs as there can be days where all age below 18 can come and party with adults. Take note of the schedules below and reserve it for the joyful night!

March 10, 2017 – Friday

Chillout Friday with DJ Andres and Ramon, the beatboxers Rocky and Black Ninja. Get in the grooving music as the music beats to the dance floor. Make rap battles and enjoy rock music tonight as your Friday weekend ends in a total blast! Do not miss this out and party out all Friday night until you forget your name. Bring your good 2-3 friends and get 10% discount on drinks. Reserve seats and get a discount as well! Doors will open at 9 pm, but customers with reserved seats will be prioritized in the club for the early entrance. Note that this is an 18+ gig tell your young friends that they can come along to the next gig. It will come! Trust us!

March 18, 2017 – Saturday

Light Party Saturday will be a total neon light wild dance event featuring Hailey and DJ Tom. Dance as the light falls low and the neon takes control. Music will be mainly R&B and soft rock jam so you can take anyone including your boss! Stay at the club until morning and get a FREE PASS the next time you visit the club. What are you doing now? Reserve this date and prepare your dance moves as you take on the dance floor. See you there!

March 24, 2017 – Friday

Old Hits Friday is the night for your oldies and people with ballad hints in their hearts. Invite your friends and young fellas on the 24th and enjoy a relaxing Friday evening! DJ Paul will take you on a time machine back to the old hits. Don’t get this night wrong; it will never be boring with the 80’s hits and never underestimate the early 80’s rock music. Gates will be open for dudes falling below 18 accompanied with an oldie. Ya know the rules! Reserve your seat now and get a bucket of beer for free!

April 1, 2017 – Saturday

Head Bang Saturday with DJ Totino and Slinger. This is the night for heavy rock metal fans out there who are waiting for this wild Saturday night to happen! Take a huge head dancing night with your friends and roll on beer as you rock the dance floor tonight! Pay an entrance fee and get an unlimited beer with you all throughout the evening. Prepare for a wet night and don’t forget to bring an extra with you. Who knows how wet you’ll get, aye? Buddies below 18 this event is not for you, but we will see you in our next! Chill out!

April 9, 2017 – Sunday

Mix it Sunday with Hailey, DJ Bits, Branson, Slayer, and Nugget. Join them as they take you to a roller coaster hits of music varying from heavy rock music to sweet mellows. If you are a person with a heart for any music genre, then take on and reserve your Sunday night with the gang! Take good companies with you and get a discount on your entrance and drinks. See you!