Drum Wrap Ideas

The design of the drum represents the performer behind it so how one presents it must not neglect it especially when it comes to its uniqueness in design. Choosing the right style of drum wrap can be a difficult thing to do since style is not the only thing you need to consider but also the attitude it gives off which are both everything when it comes to being a drummer.

If you are waiting for a sign to start acquiring the total drummer look then this is it. Time to kick it up a notch and personalize your drums with a unique set of drum wraps. There are various designs to choose from or you can even create your own design that matches your music. To start with, here are some of ideas that might match your taste. Check out these drum wraps for sale.


Fabrics can be found anywhere so it will not only give your drum the sick look but it is also cost-efficient. Fabric has been tried and tested as drum wraps. Thinner like spandex, silk or satin will always give you the traditional looking drums if you’re going for that look. You could always go for textured fabric if you’re feeling wild and crazy. When installing thin fabric, you can use white glue and apply it evenly with brush a few inches at a time. Take your time doing so to make sure no bubbles and wrinkles are present. Following it up with a few coats of clear ones will give you a wrap-like finish. Thicker fabrics, on the other hand, can be installed using contact cement. Using a brush, apply it on both surfaces. Let it dry until no longer tacky then roll the fabric on your set.


Vinyl offers limitless design choice and also costs less. Usually sign and vehicle vinyl will be the best choice as it is durable and looks great but you can for vinyl with themed effect as long as you picked the ones that are suitable with cabinets, furniture and kitchen counters. In order to obtain the best result, clean up the surface of your drum first if the existing wrap is still intact. If the previous wrap only reaches the edges, it is preferable to remove it and apply the vinyl with right amount of white glue and finish it off with glossy paint or tung-oil.


There’s just something about fur that piques the interest of many. Don’t worry you don’t have to kill to obtain one. You can always find this type of piece of cloth in stores. Yes, some people actually go for this look. If you’re one of them, then you can install it with a good contact cement and you can rock this fur in no time.

Newspaper or Posters

Newspapers and posters can be found anywhere. That’s why it’s one of the cheapest and easiest wrap you can obtain and use. Always go for the thinner paper as it is the most durable compared to thicker ones that is prone to gouging. Just like with the fabric, apply generous amount of while glue using brush and spread it evenly then roll the paper around your drum. Even it out using foam paint roller and wipe off the excess glue. Finish it off with good ‘ol clear coats and then you’re good to go.